Non-charged equipment

The Bioimaging Facility provides a number of non-charged devices for sample preparation or checking, as well as experimental accessories.

Zeiss Axio Imager (I06.U1.403): book in PPMS

  • Manual stage
  • Light sources: halogen lamp +CoolLED p300 SB light
  • Detectors: monochromatic camera
  • Software: Zen 2.1
  • Objectives (M27 thread):
  1. Plan-Apochromat 10x/0.45 (420640-9900), WD=2.1 mm
  2. Plan APOCHROMAT 20x/0.8 (420650-9901), WD=0.55 mm (D=0.17 mm)
  4. Plan-Apochromat 40x/1.2 Water, WD=0.28 mm
  5. Plan APOCHROMAT 20x/0.5 dipping (420650-9901), WD=0.22mm

Leica stereo microscope (room i04.U1.019): book in PPMS

Olympus SZX16 Stereo + camera (room i04.U1.015): book in PPMS

Olympus SZX16 Stereo (room i06.U1.403): book in PPMS


Zeiss Stereo Discovery (room i06.U1.406)


Additional Equipment:

The Bioimaging facility has additional equipment that can be used via our Automate Rental System. The use of this equipment might require user-rights. The available rentals can be found here: