The Imaging and Optics Facility (IOF) provides the following services for Microscopy applications, Image analysis and Cytometry in the following formats: i) user trainings, ii) assistance and iii) projects.

i) User Training: basic and advanced application support for using the equipment, as well as project consulting → user training information page | overview training request forms

ii) Assistance: single sessions with IOF staff support for specific applications or modalities

iii) Project: collaborative support from IOF to establish assays, (automated) workflows or image analysis routines

Other services:

1. Automated Rental Service: Experimental Accessories, Optical Tools, (high-end) Objectives. that can be used on various Imaging & Optics instrumentation

Automated Rental System

2.Slide Scanner Service: full acquisition service for transmitted and fluorescent slide scanning → slide scanner service information | project request form

3. Advanced Microscopy support: assistance or assay development for Advanced and/or Quantitative microscopy applications → more info | project request form

4. Cytometry Support: assistance or assay development → project request form

5. Atomic Force Microscopy: assay development → project request form

6. Image Analysis: user-oriented solutions for analysis automation → Image Analysis | project request form

7. Imaging Automation: establishment of automated acquisition and/or feedback routines. (soon available)

8. Optical development: in-house developed adaptation and customization. (soon available)

10. Quality control: maintaining state-of-the-art microscopy and flow cytometry equipment.