Automated Rental System

The Imaging and Optics facility released an “Automated Rental System” for Experimental Accessories, Optical Tools, (high-end) Objectives. The rental system is synchronized via a custom developed middleware (made in collaboration with the IT department) with the central SSU booking system (PPMS) for the Imaging and Optics Facility (PPMS/IOF). The Automated Rental System will help to coordinate access-rights and the utilization of  the available items, with the ease of the booking system and without the need to have direct 1-to-1 transfers. In addition, the integration of this automated rental platform allows the Imaging and Optics facility to make the rentals available during the weekends.

How it works:
All items available need to be reserved in the booking system (PPMS – booking rights apply). Upon making a reservation, an access-code is generated for the duration of the reservation. For overnight reservations, a second access code is generated for the following day and sent by separate email.

Rental Pick-up:
The IOF Automated Rental System situated in the basement from building i04/BFB (room I04.U1.v05). Enter the provided access code on the Automated Rental System-terminal to retrieve the booked rental from the storage box and make sure to check the provided instructions and to inspect the rental item before use. Report any issues before use.

Rental return:
Use the access code to open the storage box on the Automated Rental System-terminal and Confirm the return when placing back the item (to be integrated later from spring, 2021)

Available Rentals:

Automated Rental System (i04/BFB, basement)

Guidelines: General microscopy guidelines apply. Available items might require user rights, or assistance for (autonomous) use → request form.