Andor SD & laser cutter

System has been replaced  – please move ongoing experiments to new alternatives → Nikon CSU-W1-01 SoRa + cutter II

Location: I04.U1.019

  • Inverted Microscope (Zeiss Observer: motorized piezo stage, 6 objective slots, stage heating unit & objective heaters, Micromanipulators)
  • Spinning Disk System (Andor, optimized for 100x objectives, iXon 897 (back-thinned EMCCD))
  • FRAPPA (bleach arbitrary area -> observe recovery of fluorescence) 
    laser cutter (355 nm (pulsed) laser: cuts tissue, glass, perspex … (anything non reflective) with diffraction limited resolution. Cuts while imaging with SD. LAPAP)
  • Temperature chamber and CO2 + O2 mixer available

Additional Booking rules: 

1: Do not book more than two weeks in advance. i.e., if you book on 18.11, your booking can not be placed later than 2.12, on 19.11 not later than 3.12, etc.

2: Do not book more than 9 peak hours (peak time 1 pm- 8 pm) in advance. 

3: If a desirable slot is still free three days before the start, feel free to book it but title it ‘booked because free on’

4: If you have visitors that have to  work massively with this microscope in a limited time span, please let us know one month in advance, we will have to warn other users!

5: Even if you are booking out-of-peak hours, please only book the time slot necessary for your acquisition. If for some reason you cannot remove your sample at the end of the acquisition (ends at 3 am etc), please leave a note at the microscope ‘trash my sample if you like’ or similar. A sample without a note might prevent other users from starting their experiments!

6: Be aware of other users: even if booking off-peak times in the morning, try to plan your slot that another person still has some time. For example, try to split it in two slots, 8-10 am and 10-13 am and similar.


  • 1: EC Plan-NEOFLUAR 10x/0.3 Ph1 (420341-9911)
  • 3: C-APOCHROMAT 40x/1.2 W Korr UV-VIS-IR (421767-9970)
  • 4: C-APOCHROMAT 63x/1.2 W Korr UV-VIS-IR (421787-9970)
  • 5: Plan APOCHROMAT 100x/1.4 Oil/DIC (420792-9900)
  • 6: Zeiss custom-made 63x long distance


  • 355 nm (pulsed) laser – not for imaging
  • 488 nm, 30 mW
  • 561 nm, 30 mW
  • 640 nm

Emission filters

  1. LP568;
  2. LP488;
  3. BP617/73;
  4. BP525/30;
  5. Dual ; BP 512/630;
  6. BP 580/23


IQ2; LabVIEW 2010

System manual and additional material is available on SeaFile (login required).

Contact: Imaging and Optics Facility