Oceans Optics Spectrometer

Location: I04.U1.VC14

The Ocean optics Spectrameter USB 4000 is a miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometer is a high-performance system easily configured for from UV-VIS-Shortwave to NIR applications, from 200-1100 nm.

This item be via our (variocube-based) automated loan-system. To be able to use the Spectrameter, on need to make a booking (book in PPMS), where after a pick-up code is sent that is valid for the booked time. The loan-system is still in β-testing phase, and only bookings within 1 day are possible therefore. 

The operating software application must be installed prior to connecting the USB4000Spectrometer to the computer. The Ocean Optics spectrometer operating software installs the drivers required for USB4000installation. If you do not install softwarefirst, the system will not properly recognize the USB4000.

The required software SpectraSuite software  can be downlowd from the link: SpectraSuite software from the Bioimaging cloud (use the same PW as for the BIF system log-in) 

Manual: Ocean optics Spectrameter USB 4000