Zeiss Axioscope

The upright widefield microscope allows to quickly check your sample, and make a snapshot image and track multiple samples / plant roots over a prolonged time in an upright position.

Location: room I06.U1.403 (LBE)

Light source: CoolLED pE300 Cool LED


  • DAPI
  • Fluiod Green
  • Fluiod Orange
  • F56-420 Dual band GFP filter set

Objectives (M27 thread)

  1. EC-Plan-NeoFluar 2.5x /0.075 AIR (420320-9901), working distance = 9.5 mm
  2. Plan-Apochromat 5x /0.16 AIR (420630-9900), working distance = 12.1 mm
  3. Plan-Apochromat 10x/0.45 AIR (420640-9900), working distance =0.45 mm
  4. Plan-Apochromat 20x/0.8 AIR (420650-9901), WD=0.55 mm (D=0.17 mm)
  5. LCI Plan NeoFluar 63x/1.3 Water, Silicone oil and Glycerine (420882-9970-720), WD=0.17 mm
  6. W N-Achroplan 20x/0.5 WATER-DIPPING (420957-9900-000), WD=2.6 mm

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System manual and additional material is available on SeaFile (login required).