Sample Flipper

The idea behind the sample flipper is to temporarily convert any inverted microscope into a vertical microscope (more details):

Between image acquisitions the sample chamber is turned vertically and the grow light is switched on. In this way the plants are in their normal, healthy orientation, with gravity pointing away from the leaves toward the roots and with light above the leaves. Only during imaging the entire chamber is rotated into a horizontal orientation and the plants can now be imaged in the normal inverted configuration with the grow light automatically being turned off.

Additionally, a pump that disperses one drop of immersion water before imaging  is available.  This works by having a flexible tube hanging down exactly over the front lens  Once the chamber is flipped down for imaging the tube is automatically pushed out the way by the chamber.
The flipping of the chamber as well as the  water dispersion is controlled by a separate program that is synchronized with the image acquisition.

Contact: Robert Hauschild (CZI-supported Staff scientist @ IOF / ISTA)