Safety Guidelines

GENERAL SAFETY on ISTA Campus are handled by Environment health & Safety department → more information

LABORATORY SAFETY on ISTA Campus is organized by Life Science Facilitiesmore information

! All Imaging & Optics Microscope rooms and FACS laboratory are Laboratory Safety Level S1 → Bio-safety documentation

  • No food or drinks are allowed in the Imaging & Optics Facility microscope and FACS rooms in i04/ LBE and i06/ and i23/Sunstone Building
  • Biological samples with higher safety level than S1 are NOT permitted in the facility

LASER SAFETY on ISTA Campus is organized by the laser safety officeLaser Safety Information page

  • Every Laser-based system in the Imaging & Optics Facility instrumentation has its own documentation available in our IOF PPMS SSU document portal  → read confirmation needed are needed for every system: not confirming will lead to revoked booking permission