Zeiss Lightsheet 7

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Location: I06.U1.405

Light sheet microscope with vertical mounting,climatized chamber, humidity – CO2 and O2 control. The different sample chambers available for the Lightsheet 7makes imaging of living model organism, cleared and expanded samples possible. The adaptive optics allow to adjust to the different refractive indices (RI)



Illumination objectives

  • 5x/0.1foc (for 5x or 10x detection objective)
  • 10x/0.2foc (for 20x detection objectives)

Detection objectives

Water immersion:

  • 5x/0.16: EC-Plan Neofluar nd=1 (WD= 5.1 mm)
  • 10x/0.5: W Plan-Apochromat nd=1,33 (WD=3.7 m)
  • 20x/1.0: W Plan-Apochromat Corr DIC; nd=1.33 (WD=2.4 mm)

Cleared samples:

  • 5x/0.16: foc EC-Plan Neofluar nd=1 (WD= 10.5 mm)
  • 20x/1.0: Clr Plan-Apochromat Corr nd=1.38 (WD=5.6 mm)
  • 20x/1.0: Clr Plan-Neofluar Corr nd=1.45 (WD=5.6 m)
  • 20x/1.53: Clr Plan-Neofluar Corr DIC; nd=1.53 (WD=  6.4mm)

Sample Chambers

  • Chamber #1: Water / Live 20x → Fixed / Live (temperature; CO2, O2, humidity -control)
  • Chamber #2: Cleared Sample 20x (n=1.35-1.58)
  • Chamber #3: Large Sample 5x (n=1.33-1.58)

Tip: Quick Guide: Sample Holder Universal for Capillaries,Clearing and Large Sample

Laser lines

  • 405nm / 50 mW
  • 445nm / 24 mW
  • 488nm / 50mW
  • 515nm / 20 mW
  • 561nm / 50mW
  • 638nm / 75mW

Filters / Beam-splitters

Filter wheel 1:

  • DAPIGFP: BP 420-470/ LP 490/ BP 505-545
  • DAPI- CY3: BP 420-470/LP510/ BP 575-615
  • GFPCY3: BP 505-545/LP560/LP660
  • GFP (narrow)-mCherry: BP 505-530/LP560/LP585
  • GFPDRAQ5: BP 505-545/LP560/LP660

Filter wheel 2:

  • DAPIGFP: BP 420-470/ LP 490/ BP 505-545
  • CFPYFP: BP 460-500/LP510/ BP 525-562
  • CFPCY3: BP 460-500/LP510/LP 575-615
  • CFPmCherry: BP 460-500/LP510/LP585
  • GFPDRAQ5: BP 505-545/LP560/LP660


Sample preparation

-Imaging with water or clearing solutions

How to Get Best Images with Various Types of Immersion Media and Clearing Agents

IOF Sample Clearing page

Sample holders

Tile imaging

Maximum projection processing