Getting started using Imaging & Optics Services

How do I get started using Imaging & Optics Services (Microscopy, Image analysis and Flow cytometry)?

We summarised all needed steps on our ‘getting started page‘.
How do I get rights to use a microscope?

System usage rights are provided upon completion of training by the Imaging & Optics Facity staff. Please request a training request for in our booking system → here. Please not that new user will need to complete the “introduction to newcommers” before any usage rights are provided.
How do I request equipment training?

the required steps for requesting Equipment Training & Usage Rights are listed here.
I subitted by training request and did not get a confirmation - Did you receive my training request?

We do not send conformation emails on training request via PPMS, since you can see your submitted request on your PPMS/IOF-home page and across all facilities in the “My PPMS“-tab. Note: if a training-request is open for you (in PPMS), it is also open for us. Organized trainings can be found in the ‘section’trainings on your PPMS home-page.

Booking System (Booking System (PPMS)

PPMS is a central booking platform that is used by all Scientific Service Units (SSU) at IST Austria. Please note that cost account changes can not be made directly in PPMS nor can such changes be made by facilities staff. For more detailed information, see below:

I am new at IST Austria, and I do not know how to use PPMS booking portal. Where can I find more information?

A short ‘how-to‘ for PPMS can be found here: PPMS-introduction
I do not see the cost account for my (rotation) group in my PPMS

PPMS takes the information on group affiliation and/or grant allocations from IST Control Panel (ICP) → please make sure that both group affiliation and/or grant alloation are set correctly in your ICP profile.

i. Grant owners: If you cannot chose/see the project in PPMS, despite being allocated on that project in ICP, please contact the Grant Office → The reason can typically be that the project has no more budget and is locked for SSU bookings.

ii. Rotation students: please make sure that rotations are correctly entered in the Graduate School’s IQ Portal → The IQ Portal synchronizes cost account settings to PPMS and the requried cost accounts should become available (please allow overnight sync time). In case of issues, please contact the graduate school.

iii. Account changes for PPMS: other requests for changes for group-cost account in PPMS need to be sent to PPMS@ist.ac.at. Such changes can not be made by individual facilities.

I need to add / change a cost account in my PPMS

First, please make sure that both group affiliation and/or grant allocation are set correctly in your profile in the  IST COntrol Panel (ICP). For request changes, procedure is the same as above → see FAQ; “I do not see the cost account for my (rotation) group in my PPMS“.

In short: i) Students / PostDocs booking on Grants, If you cannot choose/see the project in PPMS, despite being allocated on that project in ICP, please contact the Grant Office  ii) Rotation Students, please make sure that rotations are correctly entered in the Graduate School’s IQ Portal. iii) All other requests for changes for PPMS cost account need to be sent to PPMS@ist.ac.at

How do I check on which cost account I booked my previous sessions

We made a short “how to” on the following page → check and change booking in PPMS

Microscopy Room Access

All Imaging & Optics Facility rooms are classified as laser-safety and biosafety S1 rooms. For this reason, room access is controlled with automated access control using ‘Offline Locks. Permission are obtained by compliting the ‘introduction to newcommers’ or to keep your Laser safety Refresher ‘up to date’. Due to legal oblication, only then access to these can be granted. Activation of room access is set by the Contruction and Maintenance departmend upon completion of the required laser safety instructions provided by the Imaging & Optics Facility

I can not enter a microscope room - who do I contact?
i) Please first try to update you access-card at the SaltoBox at the entrance of i04 (Berthalanffy Foundation Building) or near the elevator in i06 (Lab building West). 

ii) Also make sure that you have updated your Laser Safety Refresher (see FAQ below). 

iiI) If this does not work, please contact the Construction and Maintenance with Imaging & Optics Facility in cc.

What is an Offline Lock?

Offline Locks are used to limit access to rooms with dangerous equipment that require safety instruction,including laser-based microscopes.  There are different types but they look e.g. like this:

What is a SaltoBox - and where do I find one?

This is a SaltoBox – it is used to activate your card if you have „Offline-Lock“-Access on your card. You need to activate it at least every 30 days to ensure the entrace to the rooms.

– I01 Central Building
– I04 Bertalanfy Foundation Building – near to the entrance
– I06 Lab East – next to the elivator
– I21 Lab West – at the corridor next to the waste room

How do I refresh my laser safety to keep access to microscope rooms?

Laser Safety trainings have validity of 1 year (365 days) and need to be refreshed annually. This refresher is directly coupled to the validity of your room access rights in the facility (and possibly other labs housing laser-based equipment).  → Please complete the Laser Safety Refresher timely via the Moodle ‘Laser Safety – scientists’, including the five questions quiz of to confirm that you have done the training: https://courses.ist.ac.at/course/view.php?id=748 (don’t forget to submit your answers!)

  • Validity of refresher: After 365 days you will receive another email from ICP asking you to redo the training including the Moodle link. Please redo the Laser Safety training to keep your room access valid on a yearly basis.
  • In case you are using IOF equipment and also laser based equipment in other groups/labs on campus, the completion of the same refresher training keeps your access to all required rooms.
  • Not doing the Laser Safety refresher will lead to an automatic withdrawal of your room access to any laser lab on campus

NOTE: This is only the refresher training. First Laser Safety trainings are still given in person by IOF members – during the mandatory ‘intro for newcomers’ – or by the  LaserSafety officer

More laser safety information can be found on the ‘laser safety page‘.