JPK Atomic Force Microscope

Location: I06.U1.405 (LBE)

Two Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) heads available combined with widefield (TL, RL and fluorescence) microscopy. 


JPK (Bruker) Cellhesion 200: Force spectroscopy with two different Z piezo actuators (15μm or 100μm). Multiposition probing based on motorized stage (1μm resolution in X and Y).

JPK (Bruker) Nanowizard 4: AFM scanning head suitable for contact, tapping and QI (quantitative Imaging) modes. Up to 100μm x 100μm  scan area.


Hybrid microscope setup with upright and inverted modes available:

  1. Olympus IX 71 inverted fluorescence microscope:
    • 2x, 10x, 20x, 40x and 60x objectives.
    • GFP and mCherry filter cubes.
    • Andor iXon EMCCD camera (512×512 pixels) for fluorescence.
    • Color camera available for TL and phase contrast modes.

2. In-house developed top-view optics (2x) microscope:

    • Reflected light mode available for material science applications (alignment marks, etc.)
    • 2x magnification.
    • Color camera.


  • Petri dish heater unit
  • Available flow injection module

Contact: Imaging and Optics Facility


Description and manual: JPK Nanowizard4/ CellHesion 200, April 2020