Image Analysis

The Imaging and Optics Facility provides resources and support to facilitate high-end imaging based research at ISTA.

Image Analysis Workstations

We provide several high-end Image Analysis Workstations that can be used locally or in remote to analyze your imaging data. These Workstations are equipped with state-of-the-art Image Analysis Software. Find out how to use them and which one is the right Software for your application here:


If you are experiencing troubles with our Workstation infrastructure, your problems might already be addressed on our FAQ and DATA POLICY pages.

Image Analysis Support

You can also request direct image analysis support from our experienced image analysis team. This includes introductions to software, help with processing, scripting and automation, up to full project support for your research.

Maybe your problem has already been solved!?
You can find ready-to-use and well documented applications and pipelines in our GitLab repository, or explore our machine learning approaches on our machine learning page.