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“IOF User Representatives” are spokespeople from research-groups to the imaging & Optics Facility (IOF) with a strong interest for Microscopy, Image Analysis and/or Flow Cytometry. IOF aims to have 1 representative per research-group (RG) that makes use of IOF services, who are to be nominated by faculty (PIs). In case a representative is to leave the institute, the goal is that a new person is to be nominated.

The prime goal for IOF is to improve bidirectional communication for for all matters that concern the use and organization of the Imaging and Optics Facility. IOF is to provide regular updates about the planned developments (demonstrations; technology; equipment). To that extend, IOF organizes 2-3 meetings per year with the user-representatives, and sends out additional information to the ‘IOF user-representatives mailing list‘ , besides the weekly update emails, to better disseminate information about the ongoing developments.

The ‘IOF user-representative meeting‘ are additional to the ‘IOF user-group meetings‘, where only faculty is to attend as decisive members in future purchases and guidelines.

<strong>User Group Representatives</strong>
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User Group Representatives Events

2022: Installation of IOF user-representatives: 2 IOF user-representative meeting took place

2023: 2 IOF user-representative meeting planned (additional meetings on request)

  • 2023#1 (Q1/2): May 15, 2023, 10:00h review 2022 + preview 2023 (invitation sent to representatives)
  • 2023#2 (Q4): review 2023 + update about budgeting procedure 2024