IOF Open Campus Video Competition 2022

Firing up the engine to move by Manjunath Javoor

Imaging: B16_F1 Melanoma cell labeled for actin (protein involved in cell migration) with F-tractin_EGFP plated on laminin coated glass bottom dish. Microscope: Visitron-TIRF, 63x oil immersion
Processing: LUT: mpl magma



Multiplication by division by Michaela Jovic

The video was taken on the Nikon CSU-W1 spinning disk confocal. It is a video of a cell cycle (microtubule and DNA markers) in the syncytial embryo.



Fireworks by Katy Planty by Alexander Johnosn

Tracking microtubules in plants with the Olympus TIRF microscope and TrackMate software.



Explosion of the senses by Giselle Cheung

This is the superior colliculus, a brain region where our senses (e.g. vision and hearing) come together so that we can make sense of the world. We use MADM (Mosaic Analysis with Double Markers) in mice to trace all cells produced by a single neural stem cell. This 3D reconstruction highlights the extent and diversity of brain development and the compelling beauty within.



One ant washes the other by Lukas Lindorfer

The video shows two ants cleaning each other from a fluorescently-labelled pathogen model. Acquired on an Olympus stereo microscope.



Once Upon a Time… Life by Michael Riedl
LifeAct-Gfp Endothelial Cell on micropattern, acquired on Leica Mica, Brightfield, 63x Magnification, Water Objective.


Plant quickly response to danger by Minxia Zou

The video is showing the calcium signalling long-distance transport in plant leaves when they face defence. The image is acquired by a reconstructive stereo microscope.