2021-10-25: BIF COVID-19 guidelines update

As of Nov 1, 2021, the 3G rule (see below) becomes mandatory at the workplaceand thus at IST Austria including the requirement to implement random checks. This also means that you might be asked to show 3G certificate for assisted session or trainings!

IN addition, even if you have been fully vaccinated, continue to get tested and to wear a mask. While the risk of catching or of transmitting an infection is significantly lower once vaccinated it cannot be ruled out completely. 


3G rules:


  • negative PCR-tests up to 72 hours (e.g. “Alles gurgelt”)
  • negative antigen-tests up to 24 hours from a publicly approved provider,

Genesen/recovered: persons recovered 180 days after their infection documented with a doctor’s certificate or the quarantine order by the authorities. A certificate proving antibodies is valid for 90 days and stored in the green pass.

Geimpft/vaccinated: persons who are fully vaccinated, i.e. immediately after having received the second jab, is valid for 360 days. Persons receiving a single-jab vaccine (valid for 270 days) are considered fully vaccinated after 22 days. 

Furter COVID-19 details available by EHS:

All rules (https://ehs.pages.ist.ac.at/rules-on-campus-activities/) and recommendations (https://ehs.pages.ist.ac.at/who-hygiene-guidance-info-posters/) stay in place, particularly:
1) wear a facemask (preferably FFP2) in any social situation (be it indoors or outdoors). 
2) wash your hands frequently and thoroughly
3) stay at home at the slightest indication of feeling unwell, call 1450 for a test, inform EHS at ehs@lists.ist.ac.at and notify your supervisor.