LaVision TRIMscope MP Upright


room i04.U1.018


  • Upright 2-photon microscope
  • Multi-photon imaging with 780-1300 nm
  • Multi-channel MP imaging with up to 4 NDD (2 PMTs and 2 GaAsp detectors) simultaneously and /or sequentially
  • 2 PMTs in a transmitted port, for transmitted light/SHG/THG imaging
  • Objectives (Zeiss M27):
A: W Plan-Apochromat 20x/1.0 DIC (UV) VIS-IR (421452-9980), WD=1.9 mm, D=0.17 mm
B: C-ACHROPLAN 32x/0.85 W Corr VIS-IR (420967-9970), WD=1.1 mm @D=0.17 mm, D=0-0.17 mm
C: LWD 16xW NA 0.8, Nikon [2], WD 3 mm
D: 40xNA 1.15 water, cover glass corrected, WD 0.25 mm

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LaVision MP microscope manual.pdf