2022-03-28: IOF COVID-19 guidelines update

As of 24 March 2022, due to high infections numbers masks are again legally required indoors at ISTA

→ wear masks at all time when using IOF instrumentation


Further COVID-19 details available by EHS:

All rules (https://ehs.pages.ist.ac.at/rules-on-campus-activities/) and recommendations (https://ehs.pages.ist.ac.at/who-hygiene-guidance-info-posters/) stay in place, particularly:
1) wear a facemask (preferably FFP2) in any social situation (be it indoors or outdoors). 
2) wash your hands frequently and thoroughly
3) stay at home at the slightest indication of feeling unwell, call 1450 for a test, inform EHS at ehs@lists.ist.ac.at and notify your supervisor.