2021-07-19: BIF COVID-19 guidelines update

The 3G rule remains the benchmark for many access and meeting regulations. Even if you have been fully vaccinated, continue to get tested and to wear a mask. While the risk of catching or of transmitting an infection is significantly lower once vaccinated it cannot be ruled out completely.  The current guidelines implemented in the Bioimaging Facility

  • Keep a physical distance >1 meter (also when working together at a system) → 1meter is more than 1 arm-length…
  • Wear (FFP2) masks
  • Disinfect common contact points and workspace before and after use (microscopy, cytometer, analysis workstation)!
  • Please provide a negative COVID-19 test before a training

Getestet/tested: valid are 

  • negative PCR-tests up to 72 hours (e.g. “Alles gurgelt”)
  • negative antigen-tests up to 48 hours from a publicly approved provider, except in night clubs negative antigen self-tests up to 24 hours recorded in a public data registration system, but not in Vienna, and not in nightclubs and similar event venues.