Seminar: Leica SP8 FALCON

Karl Heinz Körtje, an application specialist from Leica, will give a seminar about our new Leica SP8 FALCON with a white light laser (WLL) and FLIM detector.

SEMINAR: Wednesday November 13th

TIME: 10:00-11:00 a.m.

LOCATION: Lab Building East Seminar room ground floor

Our new SP8 confocal comes with a pulsed white light laser (WLL) and FALCON that allows for time-gated acquisition to remove the auto-fluorescence. In addition, this supercontinuum white light source can be tuned to any wavelength between 470 and 700 nm, thereby allowing to excite (or photo-convert/activate) your fluorophore with the optimal wavelength.The FALCON in addition allows for video – rate fluorescence life time imaging. Get more information here.