Flow Cytometry Service

For Flow Cytometry – Fluorescent Assisted Cell Sortting (FACS) – services, we offer instrument training, assisted sessions and project based work-flow optimization. In addition, we offer support on all available Flow cytometry Analysis Software applications that are available on our Cyto-WS analysis workstation. Service can be request via the request forms in PPMS

  • Instrument Trainings: instument training for obtaining user rights
  • Assistance: support for optimization of experiment during a single session
  • Project based workf-flow optimization: multi-day application optimization (projects discussion and PI aproval required)

Available instrumanation:

BC Cytoflex XL – Cell Analyser

BD FACS Aria III  – Cell Sorter

Sony SH800SFP – Cell Sorter

Cyto WS – Analysis Workstation

Available Cytometry Analysis software: (CytoSoftware)

For the analysis of Flow Cytometry data, we have various cytometry analysis software applications installed on our analysis workstation, such as: Flowing (Freeware, University of Turku), Kaluza (Beckman Coulter) and FlowJo (BD).

Flowing Software

Flowing is a free cytometry data analysis programm from University of Turku – has been installed. All the necessary information can be found here

Kaluza Software

Kaluza (Beckman Coulter)  can be used in the same way as ‘FlowJo Software’ for analysis of any of your .fcs files. Detailed manual on Kaluza can be found here.

FlowJo Software

FlowJo is one of the most commen Flow Cytometry Analysis Sotware (FlowJo v10.8.1 see functions).

To use FlowJo software, The dongle has to be mounted via a connection script’. After use, do not forget to run the disconnect script to relase the dongle!

You can reach the plugins through the Workspace menu. Note, that some have to be applied to the whole workspace through the ‘Add Workspace Plugin’ option in order to work, and for some, you have to select the appropriate tubes first, and then apply the plugin.

Further plugins are available on FlowJo Exchange – reach out if you’d like to have them installed.