Nikon Ti2E-03 (PRIMO) inverted

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Location: i04.U1.019

Dual-deck Widefield fluorescent microscope with incubation chamber and Photo-patterning system 


  • Timelapse option, motorized stage
  • Perfect Focus System (PFS)
  • Teledyne Moment monochrome camera
  • Nikon JOBS software: automation of acquisition
  • Alveole Primo photopatterning system


  1. CFI Fluor 4x/0.13 air; wd = 17.2 mm (MRH00045)
  2. CFI Fluor 10x/0.3; air; wd = 16 mm (MRH00105)
  3. CFI S P-Fluor Apo 20x/0.45; air; ELWD 6.9-8.2 mm (MRD08230)
  4. Plan Apo λ 20x/0.75; air; wd= 1.0mm (MRD00205)
  5. Plan Apo λ 40x/0.95; air;  wd 0.16-0.25 mm (MRD00405)

Filter sets:

  • Single band pass filters: DAPI, FITC, TRITC,

CoolLED p300 lite florescent LED



To open ND2-files in FIJI: please go to Plugins/Bio-Formats/Bio-Formats Plugins Configuration under Formats you have to find Nikon ND2 (it is alphabetically sorted) and disable Use chunkmap table.

In case this doesn’t work, please try to enable Nikon’s reader or different combinations of the last 2 check boxes

Contact: Imaging & Optics Facility