LaVision TRIMscope MP Inverted


room: i04.U1.019


  • inverted 2-Photon microscope TriM Scope II from LaVision Biotec (Germany)
  • Titan-sapphire laser: Chameleon Ultra II (680-980 nm) from Coherent (USA)
  • Chameleon Compact OPO (1000-1300 nm) from Coherent (USA)
  • 3 GaAsP PMT detectors in the RS port
  • motorized stage for multi-position imaging from Märzhäuser Wetzlar (Germany)
  • stage top incubator system from Okolab (Italy) for live cell imaging
  • Equipped with an Electro-Optic Modulator (EOM) for ROI imaging and treatment
  • FLIM X16 TCSPC detector from LaVision Biotec (Germany)
  • Objectives:
A: Olympus UApo N340 40xW, NA 1.15
B: Leica 20x, NA 0.75 Imm Corr CS2 Oil,Glyc,W

Contact: Imaging and Optics Facility


Description and manual: LaVision_MP_inverted_microscope (pdf)