Imaging Automation & Feedback

Our instrumentation is equipped with several options to develop automated routines – that would allow Automation of Image Acquisition, Automated Image Analysis or Feedback Microscopy Solutions: a combination where Online Image Analysis is used to steer the Automated Image Acquisition Sequence.


Automation & Navigation

  • ZEN Connect → Zeiss Axioscan Z1 / LSM800-01inv / -02up / -03inv / -04inv / Examiner D1
  • (Root) tracker → Zeiss LSM800-01inv / -02up / -03inv / -04inv / -05vertical / -06vertical / LSM900-01
  • Multi-blocks made easy: Zeiss experiment designer macro to run consecutive acquisition blocks
  • Automated Water Immersion dispensing (long-term imaging) → Nikon Ti2E-02, Nikon CSU W1-01/02/03

In development:

  1. Overview Scan and Region of Interest (ROI) selection
  2. Dual Pipette Aspiration Feedback Assay
  3. Laser UV-laser ablation Automated Feedback

Image Analysis

  1. Light sheet data reconstruction & deconvolution pipeline